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Turkey Bacon

Bob's Big Boy Bleu Cheese Dressing

Yogurt Dressing Cilantro Avocado

Avocado Oil

Olive Garden Italian Dressing

Sesame Seed Oil

Hemp Hearts

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hemp Milk - Unsweetened

Hemp Oil

Chick-fil-A Ranch Sauce

Chick-fil-A Buffalo Sauce

Sardines - Canned - in Oil

Mayonnaise - Olive Oil

Chicken - Ground

Spam - Turkey

Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage

Silken Tofu



Popcorn Oil (Movie Theater Butter)

Safflower Oil

Greek Salad Dressing

Southwest Ranch Salad Dressing

Queen Olives - Feta stuffed in oil

Shortening - Vegetable

Tofu - Extra Firm


Light Tuna - Canned in Oil

Hollandaise Sauce

Sardines - Canned - in Water

Pine Nuts

Ranch Dressing


Creamy Caesar Dressing

Bleu Cheese

Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Carnitas - Pulled Pork - Avg

Fried Egg - Large

Deviled Egg - Avg

Turkey - Dark Meat - With Skin

Walnuts - Chopped

Buffalo Wings - Frozen

Caviar - Black - Avg

Anchovies in Oil

Beef Short Ribs

Turkey Bologna

Bratwurst - Beef

Bratwurst - Chicken

Brazil Nuts

Mixed Nuts

Macadamia Nuts


Pecans - Dry Roasted - Salt

Canola or Corn Oil

Peanut Oil

Vegetable Oil

Pastrami - Turkey

Salmon - Canned

Chicken - Baked - Wing

Chicken - Baked - Thigh - Skinless

Chicken - Shredded - Dark Meat - No Skin

Slim Fast Shake - Chocolate

Country Crock Original - Butter Substitute

Tapenade - Olive Spread - Just Tapenade

Arby's - Cool Ranch Sour Cream Sauce

Ham Spread - Deviled Ham

Carl's Jr - House Dressing Packets


Cornish Game Hen

Kalamata Olives

Green Goddess Dressing

Anchovy Paste

Egg Salad - Avg

Chicken Salad

Chicken - Baked - Drumstick

Chicken - Baked - Thigh

Turkey - Ground

Turkey - Wing

Ahi Tuna - Yellow Fin

Meat Snacks Beef & Pepper Jack

Almond Coconut Vanilla Creamer Unsweetened

Oat Creamer Unsweetened

Hazelnut Creamer Unsweetened

Jolliebee Chicken Dippers

Whole Walnuts

Marinated Olive Salami and Cheese

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