Weight Loss Advice For Women on the Go

Young woman happy with her waist measureAs a woman, weight loss seems more important than ever. You want to look and feel your best, but that can seem impossible, even with constant dieting and exercise. This is only made worse if you are a woman on the go, with a family or a career. However, everyone has the right to an active and healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of small changes you can make on the go that will help you lose a few pounds and get a little extra exercise. Some suggestions are mentioned below, which could be just the weight loss solution you have been looking for.

Take the stairs.
This is one you’ve probably heard once or twice before, but there’s a reason for that. There’s also a reason they build exercise machines to emulate the process of walking up stairs. Walking up a long flight of stairs can be a great workout for the day and if you’re a woman on the go, you probably pass a few sets of stairs every day. Ignore the temptation to take the elevator and spend a few extra minutes moving up the stairs at a steady pace. The stairs will help you burn calories and lose weight without visiting a gym or running for miles. It’s a great weight loss secret for any woman on the go.

Walk to work.
Are you a woman on the go because you have a busy career? If you only live a few blocks from work, then walking to work can give you a great workout, help you lose weight, and save you money on gas. Walking is one of the best exercises you can get. Walking to work and home from work is even better. You can walk other places as well. It’s always better than taking a car and helps save money.

People often wonder how celebrities lose weight so easily. Well if you’re wondering all about the Kim Kardashian weight loss secret then take on board the points in this post.

The Benefits of Fitness Training

A structured and varied fitness programme has many advantages to the participant. By steadily exposing the body to physical training your body is forced to adapt to the stimulus and make improvements which we feel as improvements in fitness.

Whether you lift weights, run or stretch these activities force your body to adapt and improve performance in these aspects. A structured training programme should use these factors and allow the participation to benefit from this natural process safely.

This is where a professional personal trainer or fitness coach comes in. Through the scientific application of overload the trainer can illicit improvements in performance from the participant.

Whether it is the professional athlete or a normal gym goer the safe application of these principles are the same. The fitness coach working in elite sport is looking for improved performance and may be working with very small increments of improvement. While the personal trainer could be working with a beginner at the gym who is looking to gain fitness and lose weight.

Your local City Personal Trainer will be able to help you if you are new to exercise and have never been to a gym before in your life. Simply look for one online or get a recommendation from a friend.

The quality of trainer will vary but you generally get what you pay for so don’t necessarily go for the cheapest option. Look at the best option for your needs and goals.

Sports coaches and fitness trainers tend to work in athletic or professional settings. They work with both teams and individual competitors and often work over an extended period of time, in some cases over years.

Use the principle of progressive overload to aid your body in adapting to exercise to allow you to reach your goals whether they be athletic achievements or simple lifestyle improvements.

Health is to be enjoyed by everyone from all backgrounds.

Simple Cellulite Reduction Techniques

Cellulite is the term used to describe the bumpy, orange-peel skin that tends to appear on the back of your thighs and other areas where your body is genetically predisposed to collecting fat. Some people are genetically predisposed to developing cellulite, but for the vast majority of people the appearance of cellulite is caused by lifestyle related factors. These simple cellulite reduction techniques will help you to get rid of unsightly bumpy skin and fat.

Drink More Water

Drinking water instead of fruit juice or soda helps to cut your daily calorie intake and keeps you feeling full for longer. Water also acts as a natural detox agent, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised.

Cut Your Calories

Cellulite is caused, in part, by fat deposits. If you shift the fat the cellulite will no longer be visible. Use an online calculator to determine your daily maintenance calories, and aim to consume 250 calories fewer than that amount each day. This will lead to slow, steady weight loss (about half a pound of weight loss a week), and won’t leave you feeling starving. As your weight drops, the cellulite should go away too.


Exercising is the simplest curar celulitis reduction technique. Try lifting weights to tone your muscles, or just go for a long walk on the beach. Don’t worry too much about targeting your legs specifically – you can’t spot reduce fat. Simply moving more, no matter what kind of movement, will burn calories an help you to get rid of that cellulite.

Weight training is a good choice because it improves your bone density and helps you to get stronger, firmer muscles. Those muscles burn more calories throughout the day, even when you aren’t exercising! Don’t worry about turning into the incredible hulk; women who lift weights don’t get bulky, they get a lean, toned beach body.

Why is Fitness Training Outdoors So Important?

outdoor fitness

When selecting activities to make up your exercise regimen, it’s important that you diversify. You want to do what you enjoy, and you also want to be exploring new opportunities and pushing yourself through necessary exercises that you might not enjoy. This last part gets people, but to explain further say for instance a person does not like weight lifting period. Well, muscle conditioning is important and there are going to be these types of exercises that you need to do anyway.

To diversify your exercise regimen, you’re also going to want to move both indoors and outdoors. The outdoor fitness on Wandsworth Common is important for many different reasons. It opens up opportunities, and it puts you out in nature where you can be more social and soak up some of the sun’s rays. Of course different seasons and weather patterns exist, so you have to take all of this into account as you plan out your weekly exercises. Sometimes certain things can come up with the weather unexpectedly, which can reroute your outdoor exercise routine.


What are some of the exercises outdoors that you can implement into your fitness regimen? Many people enjoy walking or jogging at various places throughout the city in which they live. For example, public parks often have trails for walkers and joggers as well as bikers. There are usually public swimming pools that you can use, or perhaps you have your own pool set up at home. Pool exercises are a full body workout that is ideal for outdoor exercise.

Of course, outdoor exercises also are perfect for all types of sports. Maybe you would like to shoot some baskets or join up with the local adult softball league. All kinds of sports are played outside, and of course this can also mean that your outside fitness regimen could be more tailored to social activity to change up the pace from an indoor solitary workout on other days.

Easy Abdominal Exercises for Women

abdominalsIf you want to get a flat, toned looking tummy, try these simple abdominal exercises for women. These exercises will help to strengthen your abdominal muscles and make sure you look great in a swimsuit or a little black dress.


Crunches (or ejercicios abdominales mujeres) are the simplest and most popular exercise. Crunches are a lot like the old-fashioned sit up. Lie on your back with your legs bent, and sit up until your body is at a 45 degree angle from the floor. Do not pull on your neck while you are doing this, because that can damage your neck muscles. Perform three sets of 15 repetitions.

Leg Raises

Lie flat on the floor with your legs straight. Lift your legs slightly off the floor and hold them steady for 10-15 seconds. Raise them a little further off the floor then hold that position for the same length of time. Finally, raise your legs up so that they are at a 90 degree angle to the floor, then slowly lower them. Repeat ten times.

Side Bends

Stand up straight and pull your stomach in. Keep your abs tight, and hold your arms by your side. Lean slowly to the right, then to the left. Perform ten to fifteen repetitions of these bends per set, and do three sets of the exercise to tone your obliques.

It’s important to remember that exercises are just one part of the equation. If you are carrying some extra body fat, abdominal exercises won’t shift that fat specifically. The only way to lose fat is to eat at a calorie deficit for a prolonged period of time. You can create that calorie deficit through exercise or diet. Only a combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise will give you a flat stomach and toned abs.


How You Can Benefit From Sports Massage

If you are regularly engaged in athletic activities, you should consider having regular sports massage in reading. The techniques differ from other forms of massage and provide the athlete greater health, both physically and mentally. What follows are some of the benefits you can experience from it. Having the massage can relieve pain and tension in muscles that are subjected to intense regular use.


You will experience increased mobility and flexibility. Regular applications will increase overall game performance. It will increase lymphatic and blood flow through the region. This makes it easier for the body to remove toxins, relieving pain and soreness. Consuming plenty of water after the massage will extend these benefits even further by assisting the body in flushing the toxins. Muscles and muscle groups that are used strenuously often have difficulty relaxing, even when not in use. The muscles become chronically tight, reducing flexibility and increasing the chances of injury. Sports massage helps the muscles to relax. Range of motion and levels of comfort are increased.


Prior to a sporting event, a massage can make muscular tissue more pliable and help the athlete to mentally prepare for the game. After the event, sports massage focuses on preventing muscle spasms and returning the body to a comfortable state of relaxation and non-competition. Sports massage has been shown to reduce long and short term muscle damage. Delayed onset muscle soreness is a common problem for athletes. The use of sports massage techniques have shown great improvements in the debilitating effects this type of muscle damage can have on athletes. Athletes at every level want and need to have peak performance. Regular use of a trained sports massage therapist can have benefits at the physical and psychological levels. This increases performance and overall health of the athlete.